M9A3 – Last Shot

Beretta has submitted a revision of the Army’s Standard issue M9 hand guns in hopes of being awarded the next contract with the US Army as they select a new sidearm to outfit a new generation of soldiers. The Army however had recently declined the proposed pistol and will not be evaluating it for future uses. However here are some details to the changes made to in creating the newly configured M9A3.


A: Threaded Barrel
B: Polymer recoil guide rod
C: Removable front dovetail sight
D: 3 slot MIL-STD-1913 rail
E: Cerakote earth tone finish
F: Anodized earth tone finish
G: Universal slide design-interchangeable ‘F’ and ‘G’ style levers
H: Tritium night sights (front and rear)
I: Over-center safety levers
J: Oversized magazine button
K: Wrap-around backstrap grip unit (*1)
L: Vertec thin style straight grip
M: Beveled magazine well (*2)

Dozens of changes have been made internally and structurally to improve its reliability, but some of the largest and overt changes are the inclusion of tritium sights, an accessory rail,  an oversize and reversible magazine release for left or right handed users, a over the center safety lever and decocker, as well as a optional wrap around grip to accommodate different hand sizes. Which addresses some of the design changes the Army are looking for in a new pistol. However unlike their decision for the rifle selection which was scrapped to use a different configuration of the tried and true M4A1, the Army is continuing in the direction of choosing a different path for their new sidearm of choice.

Alternative Ballistics

Alternative Ballistics is a concept device that would allow law enforcement officers to temporarily switch to firing a non lethal  round through an attachment. Built around the principle of stopping a lethal threat without the destructive internal damage Alt_Ballistics_12_smallof a bullet while keeping law enforcement officers safe is the idea behind the team at Alternative Ballistics. Called “The Alternative,” and nicknamed the “airbag for bullets” it is a attachment that would go over the front of a firearm.
Designed to not hinder any functionality of a officer’s firearm it’ll allow officers to use the device while already having drawn their weapon on a target.  Iron sights will remain in full view and other tactical attachments would not be obstructed.Alt_Ballistics14_Large_Alpha5At the fore end of the attachment is a ball device that will catch the bullet fired from the gun and use the energy transferred from it to propel itself at targets to cause blunt force injury oppose to destructive or lethal damage. Alt_Ballistics_5_smallWith the target neutralized officers can resume using lethal rounds for their protection if necessary. It is a one-use device and is currently being tested for use with different law enforcement departments including those in Ferguson, Missouri who had come under fire after a show of lethal force that caused a public uproar.

State of the Art: Smart Guns

That latest progress in the development of a “smart gun” that can detect and assist with attacking targets as a multi-role platform is being helmed by a division of arms maker Colt and the Defense Research and Development – Canada. This new weapon platform known as the ” Soldier Integrated Precision Effects Systems (SIPES) project” is being engineered and built from the ground up. Canada_developing_new_assault_rifle_concept_003Scientists on this project are looking at advanced material technologies to replace metal used in heavier components. Understanding how soldiers utilize weapons in terms of ergonomics and handling are being looked at. Even the type of ammunition used is being rethought to improve its accuracy extensively testing lightweight case telescoped ammunition. All of the data from these areas will soon feed into the “smart” technology that in the future soon would allow a solder’s weapon to generate or receive data from command and then automate target detection and even assist in target engagement. Canada_developing_new_assault_rifle_concept_002

Snow Wolf SW24 Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle

Welcome to our Warehouse Picks – a series of posts focusing on some of our great products that deserve a spotlight of their own.

IMG_8913Assembled as a special scope and bipod package the Snow Wolf SW24 Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle comes complete with a 4-16×50 Dual Illuminated Rifle Scope, 1/2″ scope rings, and Harris Style Bipod. The scope is milled from one solid piece of aircraft grade aluminum with a fog proof and shock-resistant housing. IMG_8903The reticule can be illuminated in red or green with adjustable brightness settings to adapt to your environment. Flip up lens covers protect the scope from dust and scratches while the 4x to 16x magnification will give you an excellent view of your target.

IMG_8885The rifle itself has been widely adopted by American Sniper forces, as well as other branches of the military. It features an one-piece aluminum bolt and barrel assembly while the body and stock is a thickened fiberglass stock that features an adjustable rubber butt-pad to improve shouldering the rifle for different users. The barrel assembly features a metal top Rail Interface System (RIS) to attach scopes, and other accessories. IMG_8900Sling mounts can be found in the front and rear of the body while an additional front sling swivel for stud nut type bipods. Based off the APS2 trigger system, it is a smooth bolt action spring powered airsoft rifle firing shots from 450 to 480 FPS.

The stabilizing metal bipod included can be deployed or retracted by swiveling the legs up or down. IMG_8895Extendable slotted legs allow you to adjust the height in 5 settings from 9″ to 12.” Unlike most modern bi-pods available today, this bi-pod mounts to swivel studs that has served rifle shooters for centuries for all their stabilizing needs.

BBTac BT-78 M4 SPR Spring Airsoft Gun

Welcome to our Warehouse Picks – a series of posts focusing on some of our great products that deserve a spotlight of their own.P-778C_04Remember your first springer being awesome with the BBTac MK12 SPR Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Spring Bipod and Mock Scope. Designed as a M4 / M16 SPR (Special Purpose Rifle) style airsoft fun, it comes with a P-778C_10VLTOR style stock and PRI handguards to give it a aggressive and tactical look compared to the run of the mill M4 guns that are popular. Rails on the handguards can attach accessories while a comfortable ergonomic grip. This airsoft gun is of plastic construction finished in a classic gun black. Accessories includes are a hi-cap magazine, removable carry handle,P-778C_08 foldable bipod, removable stock, tactical sling, and tactical red dot light. The muzzle velocity of this airsoft gun is approximately 300 FPS when using 0.12g 6mm BBs. The entire gun is 30 inch in length and easy to move around. As a spring operated airsoft gun, it requires you to cock the gun before each shot. However, there is no battery or gas required to operate this airsoft gun.