Magpul Industries releases the PMAG D-60

d602Magpul Industries has released their entry into the market of drum style magazines with their PMAG D60. It’ll hold a 60-round capacity of 5.56x45mm rounds in a compact drum that is smaller and shorter than competitive drum mags. A design choice to allow shooters to fire comfortably from low and prone shooting positions. It also features a loading lever, a easy to disassemble body, and multi weapon compatibility. Of course in PMAG fashion it features a window indicator of the amount of rounds left inside the magazine which is conveniently located at the rear for easy viewing. In thier video demonstration we can see the PMAG D60 feeding flawlessy into a variety of weapon systems including popular M4 models, Bullups, and machine gun support weapons. The magazine is due out in the summer, though the eventual airsoft PTS version of it will probably come some time after that.

Alpha Dog Railed Suppressors

Alpha_Dog_Design_Alpha9_SuppressorAlpha Dog Design, Inc. has released an interesting piece of equipment to add to your arsenal: a suppressor with rails. Known as “Alpha 9 suppressor” it features a Picatinny rail placed along the length of it so you can attach accessories onto the suppressor such as a grip, light, or laser sight. Its an interesting place for rails to be but its also a great alternative to those who don’t have rail mounts on their guns to use.

BBTac M27 Spring Airsoft Pistol

Welcome to our Warehouse Picks – a series of posts focusing on some of our great products that deserve a spotlight of their own.


The BBTac M27 Spring Airsoft Pistol With Functional Slide Lock is a superior spring airsoft pistol in terms of both form, function, and realism. As with most guns you will need to load rounds into the magazine, slap it into the pistol, rack the slide back and pull the trigger. Though unlike nearly all airsoft guns from affordable spring airsoft guns to fully automatic electric rifles, the last round you fire is when the M27 really shines. Most guns will dry-fire, however the BBTac M27 Spring Airsoft Pistol will lock its slide to the rear to indicate you are empty. No more guessing here. With the slide locked back you can take a peak into the chamber to double-check if there are rounds ready to go or not. Reload BB’s into the magazine and replace it back into the gun and resume firing. The hammer is functional where it will be cocked with the gun and the safety mechanism works just like the real thing. As a spring pistol you will need to rack the slide before each shot which beats worrying about batteries or CO2 or green gas.


M27_1M27_3 M27_2 M27.

Step up with the M83 Series and its unbeatable deals!

m83-bannerReady to take a step up from foam dart guns? We got a gun for you! And at a low new price for our fully loaded M83 series of electric airsoft guns. The M83 series is one of the best looking fully automatic airsoft guns out there especially for beginners. It’s got all the right details of the famed M4 assault rifles as used by all branches of the United States military. Each M83 comes with a variety of tactical accessories including suppressors, electronic red dot sights, flashlights, vertical foregrips, carry handles, slings, barrel extensions, as well as a battery and charger to get you started. That’s a deal that just can’t be beat. Offered now for a limited time at a new low price look no further than for the best deals in airsoft guns.


Hitguns December Deals on the hottest M4 Airsoft Guns

Save with Hitguns’ Special Holiday Bundles worth $50, $100, $150, and $200 packages! Also 10% off our most popular starter’s airsoft gun the M83 Airsoft Gun Double Eagle DE-M83A2 M4 Airsoft Electric Gun Entry Level Fully Automatic AEG. A holiday and airsofter favorite, the reliable and powerful JG F6613 with an upgraded metal gearbox and 450 FPS of muzzle velocity. And don’t forget to save even more this holiday soon this season with our Daily Deal specials and Liking us on Facebook!

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